Hello! Nice to meet you)
I post here pictures, which inspires me, and some my own photos and art.
♥interests: egl, aristocrat and punk fashion, art, historical and stage costumes, Tolkien`s books, pirates, horses, Iceland, cosplay, oldschool visual kei, pin-up, dark cabaret.
♥music: X Japan, Dué le quartz, Mannequin, Malice Mizer, Jinkaku Radio, D, Kaya, TCST, Ali Project, nagoya kei, Key Party&Matina bands, hair metal and classic rock.
♥brands: Atelier Boz, alice auaa, Black Peace Now.
♥hide is my rock`n`roll idol. I adore him.
♥my other links:
cinq-pathetique.tumblr.com - my cosband tumblr with our egl outfits, original costumes and cosplay
fyhorseinart.tumblr.com - my tumblr about horses in classic art
atarinke.tumblr.com - my favourite fanart, my own art and some fandom stuff (mostly Tolkien related)